Welcome the fourth member of Genify Curation Board

Welcome Ahmad Moussa to the Genify Curation Board as the fourth member. The previous three curators are jimiwen, arctic, and shaun8149. Ahmad Moussa is better known as GorillaSun, a generative artist, a programmer, and a full-time blog writer.his website is www.gorillasun.de

GorillaSun shares the knowledge he has learned in the field of generative art, where he has encountered many interesting challenges. Many of these challenges are complex computational geometry problems, such as polygon intersection issues. He spends time researching these problems, writing programs to solve them, and sharing this knowledge with a wider audience.

It is precisely because of him and the selfless sharing of many other artists like him that the generative art community has become much stronger. Now that he has joined our Curation Board, any artists who know GorillaSun and wish to release their work on Genify can get in touch with him.

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