TDAO | The world’s first blockchain “food bank” alliance comprehensive platform, allowing “supply” and “demand” to better meet

According to a report released by the British charity Trussell Foundation on the 28th, about one in seven British people will face hunger due to lack of money in 2022. The Trussell Foundation said around 7% of Britons received charity food relief in the year to 2022, yet around 71% of people facing food insecurity had not yet received any form of charity food relief.

According to Reuters, Britain is the sixth largest economy in the world, but the British people have suffered from high inflationary pressures for more than a year. Prices are rising faster than wages in almost all industries. According to data from the Office for National Statistics, the UK’s March consumer price index (CPI) rose by 10.1% year-on-year. Among them, the prices of food and non-alcoholic beverages rose by 19.1% year-on-year, the largest increase since August 1977.

Government figures estimate that British households are in the midst of the two-year decline in living standards that has been the biggest since comparable records began in the 1950s.


At the same time, when the world economy is approaching the midpoint of achieving the 2030 sustainable development goals in 2022, it will encounter a series of serious and overlapping shocks. With the fallout from the COVID-19 pandemic still reverberating around the world, the war in Ukraine has sparked a new crisis, disrupting food and energy markets and exacerbating food insecurity and malnutrition in many developing countries. High inflation erodes real incomes and triggers a global cost of living crisis that has plunged millions into poverty and economic hardship. At the same time, the climate crisis continues to take its toll, with heat waves, wildfires, floods and hurricanes causing huge economic losses and generating humanitarian crises in many countries. All of these shocks will have a huge impact on the world economy in 2023, with a growing number of severely food insecure people. The cost of living of the people is threatened, and many countries and regions around the world need relief from “food banks”.

TDAO was born at this point in time, aiming to better help people who are experiencing a cost of living crisis by deploying “food banks” around the world and forming a “food bank” alliance.


What is TDAO?

TDAO is a blockchain “food bank” alliance comprehensive platform developed and operated by the digital currency group DCG investment, Trussell Trust (Trussell Foundation) and United Way, one of the world’s largest privately funded charities.

TDAO aims to better help people who are experiencing a cost of living crisis by deploying “food banks” around the world and forming a “food bank” alliance. TDAO uses Web3.0 technology + blockchain technology to build a TDAO token network, establishes a huge food information database and poor population database, attracts global users to participate through DeFi+ diversified business ecological forms, and rewards them with TDAO tokens + Encourage ways to mobilize participating users to share and donate the remaining living resources, thereby improving the living conditions of the poor and creating opportunities so that everyone can flourish.

What kind of culture does TDAO have?

TDAO takes “strengthening community building and improving the lives of ordinary people” as its development concept, and aims at “constantly building “food banks” around the world to have a positive impact on the lives of millions of people”. “Food Bank” puts serving the people first, and works together to build a more just and warmer society, try to ensure that everyone does not face hunger and poverty, so that everyone should have enough income to pay for necessities.

TDAO encourages everyone to collaborate with each other, fulfill social responsibilities together, and work together to build a fairer society. TDAO guides people to recognize their own intrinsic value, prioritize the needs and concerns of others in the spirit of mutual assistance and friendship, and give everyone full respect and love. And through the construction of “food banks”, provide opportunities for everyone to improve their lives.

What will TDAO do? how to do it?

TDAO will fully integrate the resource advantages, regional advantages, service advantages, team advantages, etc. of all parties to carry out all-round development, and combine blockchain technology in the deep operation of business service integration and scale development on the chain. TDAO integrates various resources and elements in different ways, divides and integrates business forms, reconstructs the network built by the concept of Web3.0+DeFi+food bank, builds an information system, sums up experience, and improves the process. At the same time, TDAO will be built on the basis of the Web3.0+DeFi concept to carry out multi-faceted integration of the ecosystem, establish a multi-format innovative business model, and strengthen the “food bank” alliance so that it can better help the poor.

TDAO will conduct global user drainage through the DeFi+ business model, and mobilize participating users to share and donate the remaining living resources through TDAO token rewards + encouragement. While helping the poor, participating users get shared rewards, thereby attracting more users to participate and expanding the influence of the “Food Bank” alliance. In the future, TDAO will also carry out ecological layouts such as block traceability, TDAO-GPT, DeFi financial product aggregators, and visualized metaverses based on the TDAO token network. While continuing to attract global users through a multi-ecological layout, it will provide poverty-stricken people with Opportunities for additional employment and income enable people around the world to thrive.


TDAO will be based in the United Kingdom, radiate to the United States, Japan, China and other countries, carry out the global “food bank” alliance layout, and connect partners, participating users, donors, volunteers and community leaders to solve the world’s most complex The root causes of challenges, while positively impacting the lives of millions of people, together contribute to the development of the global economy.