AMAZING PANDAVERSE opens a new chapter in 2.0 and creates greater glories

The “Metaverse” of the fire is on the rise, attracting the attention and pursuit of more and more enterprises and capital. All walks of life have shown great enthusiasm for the Metaverse, and 2022 has become the first year of the Metaverse. In this track , an extremely dazzling project , AMAZING PANDA, has also narrated its encrypted past in this wave of metaverse .


“NFT + Metaverse” breaks the circle again, AMAZING PANDA is responsible for leading the flight

Last year, the popularity of NFT ignited all walks of life . As a trend-setter in the fashion world, AMAZING PANDA will naturally not miss this rare opportunity . It creates art series, fashion series, blind box series and NFT illustration series . , pulling it apart with the story of the crypto world . Equipped with more than 250 design elements, 2829 new NFT series were finally generated, using art as the form of expression, and creating an artistic IP born from in-depth cultural exchanges and integration, which caused a sensation in the fashion and trendy game industry .

AMAZING PAN DA is deeply inspired by the former street culture and strives to be an atypical personality NFT. It not only opens the global plan for trend prints and virtual idols , but also closely combines Chinese trend art with the encrypted world , and also explores a new way for the trendy fashion metaverse. At the same time, he passed his story from France to New York, from China to London, from South Korea to Singapore, and passed it to all parts of the world, which has been highly sought after and concerned in the international market.

In the development of the international market , AMAZING PANDA has also achieved many successes , walking with the strong and getting the help of stars. It has successively cooperated with 50+ international well-known brands and designers such as ASH, ANNA SUI ACTIVE, ELTA MD, etc., and creatively cross-border . , Tizzy T, Melo, Psy P and many other stars to help. AMAZING PANDA has actively participated in art exhibition projects such as Galeries Lafayette, K11, China’s Belt and Road Initiative, New York CDM, etc., and has gained a large number of loyal fans and collectors, and has established a brand moat in the Asian trend art and fashion fields .


“META” has no borders, come to 2.0 new journey to activate fashionable attributes

From a global perspective, AMAZING PANDA is undoubtedly the most beautiful boy. As soon as its NFT is launched , it is sought after by people in major fashion circles around the world, and everyone is looking forward to the launch of 2.0 , which can give it more possibilities, so 2.0 came into being . . The new generation is coming to an end, and the new track is about to start. 2.0 will build the first brand of trendy games based on Web3.0, helping AMAZING PANDAVERSE to become a diversified platform integrating trendy games + NFT + DAO + GameFi + metaverse.

AMAZING PANDAVERSE aims to become the leading brand in the Chaowan metaverse, and gathers world-renowned fashionable brands and excellent communities to form PANDA DAO, so that global players can learn about their favorite fashionable brands on the PANDA official website , and can conduct NFT transactions and obtain Entity VIC identity, participating in entity trendy game clubs and obtaining corresponding rights and interests , strong endorsement and full support of its original intellectual property rights, will push NFT with the charm of “Oriental Language” to a higher level of art, so stay tuned.

AMAZING PANDAVERSE ‘s top team collaboration and peak trend art have created the ” ceiling ” of the NFT world under the impetus of the trend . At present, it has launched joint models with a number of image IPs that focus on fashion and trendy play , colliding with fashion sparks in different worlds . With its own The advantages and operation of the company quickly accumulated tens of thousands of community users . In the first encryption battle , together with Binance NFT and OKEx NFT, we won 2,300 times the first battle , and we can achieve such an impressive result . In addition to relying on the popularity of NFT , it is more due to the popularity of AMAZING PANDA in the industry and the consensus of the community .

In the follow-up, AMAZING PANDAVERSE will continue a variety of creative ideas, expand more space for NFT-enabled brand communication, and the fashion metaverse of fashion play will also burst out infinite imagination and more ecological value . It is connecting with more and more trendy brands and artists, promoting the combination of art, fashion and digital collections, and the boundaries of cooperation are expanding infinitely . To provide more possibilities for the development and expansion of NFT, all the surprises about the new journey of 2.0 have just begun.


Encrypted and fashionable trendy play engine constellation bear, new gameplay and experience

in the tide, gathering the top stream, digital fashion has become a new blue ocean in the fashion field. After the outstanding achievements of a generation of NFTs, AMAZING PANDAVERSE will continue to help the construction of the metaverse ecological blueprint at multiple levels and open the second generation of AMAZING PANDAVERSE 12 constellation series. NFT , more rich gameplay, new ideas and more reward modes , move towards China’s “META”.

All of AMAZING PANDAVERSE’s pandas come from the long history of pandas, originating from the 12 constellations that define their ancestry and lineage . In order to discover their true purpose and inner qualities, Pandaren embark on an exciting journey to collect all 12 constellations to trace their lineages .

generation NFT series will be hidden among 666,000 mysterious panda chests released on Binance Chain, divided into three different rarity levels: emerald , sapphire , and ruby . One of the 12 constellations can be randomly opened in the treasure chest. Players need to collect all 12 constellations by opening the treasure chest. When exploring the entire panda universe and collecting all 12 constellations, a series of new events will be triggered , and the final decision The fate of AMAZING PANDAVERSE . And these different constellations with special significance will bring more innovative experiences!

AMAZING PANDAVERSE’s NFT has a total of 12 constellation bears. There are three ways to obtain NFT. The first is to obtain it by opening a panda treasure chest. The official price of the blind box is 20U/pc. To open the blind box, you need to destroy PNDV worth 1Ou; It is possible to snap up the scarce constellation Bear NFT on well-known exchanges, and the third is to obtain it through the lucky astrolabe. Players can get NFTs by opening panda treasure chests, use NFTs to synthesize medals to obtain DAO status qualifications and get rewards, at the same time, they can also use NFTs to upgrade to become combat bears to earn more income, and they can also participate in lucky astrolabe to get the NFTs they want. Or a lot of token rewards.

Breaking the game in the face of adversity, AMAZING PANDAVERSE’s ultimate deflation model is fighting a “protracted war”, including opening blind box destruction, panda roulette destruction, upgraded mining destruction, mining pool destruction plans, etc. The industry dividends can be expected. At the same time, it also has a blind box lossless mechanism, the cost of opening the blind box is fixed, the medals can enjoy various benefits, and the minimum income of upgrading panda is twice.


Regarding the new ideas and more reward modes , we will explain in detail below!

• Panda Token ($PNDV)

Panda Token $PNDV is the native token used throughout the ecosystem . Will be issued on Binance Smart Chain . The Panda Token $PNDV will become an integral part of every Pandaren ‘s daily life , with multiple applications and functions .

• Panda DAO Organization

At this stage, we will work with pandaren to find and collect the 12 constellations. These rare ancient artifacts have attracted worldwide attention due to their immense value, leading to the formation of the Panda DAO , to identify the Pandaren that we gain key opinions on many of these constellations . In order to be eligible to participate in the Panda DAO , Pandaren members must first earn the Mars DAO Medal and the Venus DAO Medal. When you become a member of the Panda DAO organization, you will work closely with the AMAZING PANDAVERSE team to discuss how to manage the community. Major future decisions will also be voted on within Panda DAO , unlocking rewards including huge panda tokens ($PNDV) . Panda DAO will play a key role in the future progress and construction of AMAZING PANDAVERSE .

• Panda Lucky Roulette

Panda Roulette is a lucky artifact from the stars that descends from the sky to the planet of AMAZING PANDAVERSE to bring down wealth and reward brave pandaren members, as long as they have enough courage and luck , they can dedicate the treasures in the panda chest to Panda Roulette in exchange for good luck. For distinguished Pandaren who have collected many constellations , in order to activate the magic of Panda Roulette, Pandaren members must dedicate their Panda Constellation NFT and Panda Token $PNDV to Emerald Roulette, Sapphire Roulette and Ruby Stone Roulette to get random rewards .

• Upgrade the Power Panda

NEW UPGRADE POWER PANDA , by exploring AMAZING PANDAVERSE and uncovering the mystery of the 12 born stars, the pandaren members will be able to combine specific constellations to evolve into Bronze Epic Panda, Silver Legend Panda and Gold Myth panda. These special pandas have the ability to mine Panda Tokens ($PNDV) , offering generous rewards to members who own them .


The entire encryption industry is developing rapidly, and major capital institutions are spending a lot of money to set up a metaverse fund with a scale of hundreds of millions of dollars, and they are going crazy in a crazy way. Under the tide of the metaverse, AMAZING PANDAVERSE, which combines trendy play and innovative technology, will promote a new outlet belonging to the Z generation, stand out from it , knock on the door of the trendy play fashion metaverse , and join hands with this trendy panda to be friends with time.